Posted by: jeffreyandgracey | July 2, 2008

an ugly scene

When someone make an ugly remark about you, would you ignore him or slap the b*tch out of him? The reason why i’m asking is I happen to witness an incident like what’s described above at the mall today. A customer is returning a merchandise she purchased months ago. Per the store policy, you have to return it in 90 days. Otherwise, they will not refund your money. However, you are entitled to a store credit. Long story short, this woman is making all kinds of excuses why she wasn’t able to return the merchandise. Telling the manager to cut her some slack since it’s where she does most of her shopping. If she shops there all the time, I would surmise she knows the store policy. I don’t know what her deal was because she didn’t want the store credit. She wants her money back! Which isn’t possible. When the cashier checked how the item was purchased, somebody put it on their credit card. Obviously, it wasn’t her who bought the item. The reaction on her face was just priceless! How humiliating, eh? There she was making a scene trying to make a quick buck. If I was the manager, I would throw the book at her. How did the woman end up with the item, I have no idea. But I am inclined to think that she stole it from somebody.  See what poverty does?


  1. ohh wow sis this is hilarious! hahahha good for her minsan ang mga yan nagtatapang tapangan lang para masindak ang empleyada hahahha sorry na lang sya.

    Anyways how’s lexie boy? Your manugang is doing great so far and acting like a real dog hahahha =) Imagine we got her pig ears 4 months ago and I am about to trash them na aba eh nung pinaamoy ko simpleng inamoy lang then nilapag ko sa sahig aba nalingat lang ako eh bitbit na pala at ayun nilafang ubos walang 5 minutes.

    Hayyy ang mga baby natin oo nagpapacute!

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